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My daughter, Heather passed away 7 years ago this June. Just before we were leaving I had a prompting to take my computer with me. As we were driving to Steamboat Springs where the funeral was going to be, I opened up my computer with the pictures and just started going through them.


I came across this one and heard the Lord say to me, “You can find Peace even in the midst of the storm.”  I cried so hard, not only was my first born gone but that I could have peace with it. God is so amazing.  How He loves us so. If any of you have lost a child, trust God to bring you His peace.


Available in a variety of sizes - including greeting cards.


*** Prints are available in custom sizes up to 20×30 inches. Contact for pricing.
Custom orders require a prepaid 60.00 deposit, and must be paid in full prior to shipping.

You can find Peace


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