Did you know I'm an author too?


Around the beginning of 2019, God gave me an idea for a book I would write called “What Will Become Of Clay?” 

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What Will  
Become of Clay?

A Christian Children's Book

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I absolutely love this book! This book teaches all ages on God's purpose and is beautifully illustrated. Can't wait to read it to the children in my ministry. It's a must have book.

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The Book

What Will Become Of Clay? tells the story of a lump of clay being shaped on the potter’s wheel and deciding he doesn’t want to be a cup, as the potter intends, but a bowl instead.


This is a story of grace, redemption, and love, as Clay realizes he is unhappy as a bowl, and how the potter helps lead him back to his true path.


It is an allegory for all ages, designed to inspire faith in God’s plan for everyone.

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A big thanks to Greta Chirco, my illustrator, for all of her hard work and her fabulous drawing skills! Greta, thank you for bringing Clay to life!


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