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Oh beloved child of mine,

Take no thought for today for

I have made this day just for you.

I was there when you were formed in your mother’s womb.

I have been with you since the beginning,

and will be with you to your last breath.


As you look at this leaf, be reminded of the

hard times it went through.

It could have said

“I can’t take it; just let me fall off this tree.”

It started out as a green leaf

and looked like so many others.

Yet this one, like you, I have a plan for.

Many storms tormented this leaf;

it had many issues to overcome,

yet it made a choice to hang in there and let

My plan come to pass.

And in its old age it stands out-far more

beautiful than any other leaf on the tree.


My Child

you are one of my treasured leaves.

As you grow old remember

the storms of life will enhance your beauty.

You will far out shine all the others.

Hold on to the Tree of Life with all that is in you.


— Lois Jacobson


Available in a variety of sizes - including greeting cards.


*** Prints are available in custom sizes up to 20×30 inches. Contact for pricing.
Custom orders require a prepaid 60.00 deposit, and must be paid in full prior to shipping.

Oh Beloved Child of Mine…


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