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Father I want to follow you just like Faith is following Jillmarie.


I can still hear the words I spoke to my Lord that day.  Was it a mistake to voice such words, or such a desire to follow my Lord?  As I sat there and told the Lord that I wanted to follow Him no matter what, I don’t think I realized what the cost would be.  I had to lay aside all of my plans, my hopes, my dreams, for Him. But this was not a problem; after all I had done it in the past so I could do it again.  Only this time it was straight from my heart.  Over the next 4 months as I looked at this picture I was reminded of what I had prayed. Day after day the question was, “am I following you or leading. “  The past 12 months of my life have been a whirlwind.  When the Lord had me give my notice at work, the excitement was so great.  I was going on an adventure.  “Do you dare to Believe me?” Where, when, how, why – all theses rang in my head and yet I knew I had to go.  I knew I had to follow my Lord. As I looked at the picture a few months later I said to the Lord “What do you want me to do?”  All He said was “What Is faith doing?” She is walking behind Jill.  “Is she telling Jillmarie not to go that way or, Jill watch out for that rock, or Jill……”   I sat there in silence for the next hour or so because I knew what God was showing me.  He didn’t have to say another word to me.  “Lois are you willing to follow me no matter what the cost?”    As I sit here typing this I am reminded of words the Lord had shown me before I left my job.  Launch, was the big one. For 2 months I looked at this word.  God was showing me so many things.  One of them was I was in a boat and had to untie the rope and throw it up on the dock.  My mission would not get done if I stayed tied to the dock.  I had to go out to the other side of the lake, to get to my destination.  The other one I saw was a spaceship, and the ship had to leave the launching pad before it could accomplish its mission.  The past year has been probably the hardest of my life and yet the easiest.  I have learned how to lay it all down at the foot of the cross no matter what it is, and leave it there.  I won’t pick it up again; I tell the Lord- and there it is again in my thinking and playing havoc in my heart.  But through all this I can lay it down and say to Him, I choose to follow you today.  Today is the day that you have made for me and I choose to live for you today, no matter what.  I still struggle with things but I have a great peace in my heart that says, ”Follow me.”


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Follow Me, and I will make You Fishers of Men


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