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When I was little I learned how to sew. I enjoyed it over the years, but I got busy with raising kids and all the things that go with life. Sewing sat idle for many years. Years later, as I was sitting at home, I started taking sewing classes, actually quite a few. With all of that sewing, I ended up with many beautiful handmade bags. These bags were being sold under the name, “Bags Galore and a Whole Lot More”. Soon to be sold under the LCJ-Design, LLC.

Now that all my products will be under the future, you’ll be able to view and purchase directly from the new website. I have so many designs and patterns, you’re sure to collect them all. We also plan on taking custom orders as well, all dependent on what’s available of course. So please be sure to visit this spot in the near future.

God Bless!

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